Let’s face it.  It’s not always easy to stay energetic.  Below are my 6 top ways to stay energetic.

Regular cardiovascular exercise

When I run and cycle enough, I’m much more energetic. I keep up with it by planning a race every few months, so that I always have some reason I need to get up early and go out into the cold. Exercise is paramount in staying energetic.

Plenty of solid sleep

I would rather not sleep, so this one has been hard for me. But I’ve really benefited from a regular sleep schedule, good sleep hygiene, and getting all the hours I need. My big trick now is to not use an alarm clock, and instead control waking time by when I go to bed. Yoga (not close to bedtime) also seems to help me get to sleep more easily.

A wholesome diet

Whole grains, lots of vegetables, little sugar, reduced simple carbs, and drinking mainly water. With enough splurging on high-end deliciousness that I feel like I’m not in prison. I love my junk food, but I love being energetic a lot more.

Judicious use of caffeine

I used to consume caffeine regularly. Then for a while I avoided it entirely; I didn’t like being addicted, and the caffeine lows were a problem. Now I have it a few times a month. E.g., when I’m having a hard time motivating to go running. Best of both worlds, really; used sparingly, caffeine is awesome.


I’m not totally sure how this leaves me more energetic, but it definitely does. My theory is that by making quotidian life less frantic and stressful, I save my energy for when I really need it.


I definitely notice that my energy level is lower in the winter. To compensate, I try to get plenty of sunlight (when possible, combined with exercise). I’m also experimenting with a blue-LED daylight simulator and it seems to have helped a fair bit on the gray winter mornings.